Google Local Business Centre

Firstly, lets just confirm what Local Business Centre Listings are and why you might want to use them.

Google provides a facility for Local Business to register a free listing intended to provide a local internet directory style addition to the search results when users include a locality (town/city, county, zip/post code) in the search text. Local business listings are normally not considered in the context of a website SEO strategy.

The simple rule for these Google local listings is that if you include a particular word or phrase in the listing content then when someone searches for that text and a location near to where your business listing is focused you should appear in the results. The main reasons they can be made very effective are as follows:

  • The results generally appear at the top of page 1
  • The listing can be live within minutes
  • Few people use these listings effectively
  • The listing can be optimised based on logic and results

I believe that effective use of local listing tools can deliver targetted and significant results for your business. In addition they can combine exactly the same benefits as a directory listing and a web page in that they provide a channel for traffic and search optimisable content.


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