Meta Tag Lengths

Optimising web pages is a straightforward process if you follow the search engine recommendations. Below are some simple guidelines that ensure that your titles and descriptions are more effective by ensuring that they are neither too long to be fully displayed, in which case could present a different meaning by being truncated or alternatively are very short on therefore may represent a missed opportunity to ensure that all of your key message phrases are mentioned:

  • Titles: 64-70 characters recommended
  • Description: 150 character maximum recommended

It’s not that longer titles and descriptions aren’t used by some search engines but by ensuring you stay within these limits you should ensure that your entire message is presented to the search user.

Google for example allow for up to 170 characters in their description.

Of course the most important thing about titles and descriptions in your web pages is that they are as relevant as possible to the page they are on and if possible that every word in the meta tag actually appears on the page somewhere. To be even more focused ensure the key words you want to search in for are in headings and accented text too.


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