Back to the 4 Basics of SEO

The Natural SEO Expert

The Natural SEO Expert - Andrew Rayner

With all the tricks and techniques bounded about by web marketers it’s worth noting that the simplest techniques can often be the most effective when it comes to SEO. So here’s a reminder of some of the things you should always focus on when creating business web sites and pages:

  1. Key words and phrases:Think about what people will search for
  2. Most web sites are built with a great strategy at the outset but often the key elements can get lost in the detail. Remember to do your research to identify and include the phrases that you really want to appear for in results. Ask your family, your friends, ideally anyone who has nothing to do with your business or doesn’t know you, you could even ask your kids what you do!

  3. Description: Tell people what you do (best)
  4. Every web page can have a hidden ‘Description’, this is called a Meta tag and is used by the search engines to describe your page when you appear in results. Make sure it tells people really clearly what your page is all about. If you don’t know how to set up your page description, ask an SEO company to help you (like e-mphasis)

  5. Links: Help the search engines and prospects find you
  6. It’s easy to create links to your site and you don’t have to pay the earth! Why not set up a blog and make it interesting! Talk about what’s in the news or help people with your expertise. Don’t forget to put relevant links into the content of course.

  7. Search Engines: Make sure that they know you are there
  8. It’s a common misconception that you have to pay to be listed on search engines, it is an option but certainly not necessary. It’s also not true that if you advertise with them that you’ll get a better search result position. All the search engines have a facility for submitting your web site for inclusion in their index and if you want complete security you can create a sitemap that the search engines will use to trawl all of the pages you want them to (and not the ones you don’t!). This should ensure your site is found in days and not months!

    So if you are new to SEO or just need to revisit the basics then hopefully this will get you started. I’ll be writing on these topics in more detail in due course so keep an eye on this blog for further advice, help and FREE resources to improve and test your SEO skills.

    If you can’t wait and want some professional assistance to move your site up the search results then contact myself and the team at E-mphasis today.

    Bye for now…


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