1. What Is Your Website For?

The Natural SEO Expert

The Natural SEO Expert - Andrew Rayner

Welcome to my guide to Search Engine Optimisation. This guide is intended to walk you through the logical processes that should make up part of any SEO project.

This first article in the series is designed to get you thinking in a very different way about what your website is for and how it can work for your business.

Most websites have been designed by business owners, marketing experts or graphic designers and have been structured based on the understanding of the person in the business of what they wanted. Usually the outcome is some form of online brochure. Sound familiar?

To some extent you might say “so what’s wrong with that?”, anyone looking at the website will be able to see what we do, why they should come to us and how to buy. Let’s start at the beginning of that comment “anyone looking at the website”. That’s really where the issue is because unless you are going to tell every potential customer about your website (and obviously that is an option for some organisations) then the number of customers you will serve is absolutely constrained by the number of people you can talk to.

So here’s the paradigm shift. Your website is a marketing tool!

It should be doing 3 very important things regardless of any other purpose it serves.

  1. It should attract people who are likely to be interested in your products and services
  2. It should filter the people attracted to identify with those who actually are interested in what you do
  3. It should enable those identified potential customers to take a comfortable next step

Step 1. above is what search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about and that sets the background for the rest of the series. I hope you have made it this far and look forward to taking you to the next phase in a weeks time.


Now available, Part 2. The Rules of Attraction!


2 thoughts on “1. What Is Your Website For?

  1. This makes complete sense Andrew…
    Do you consider you role in SEO to be about soley generating traffic from Search Engines (improving rankings etc) or do you see it as attracting visitors from all potential sources?

    • Hi Liam,
      That’s a great question. By definition of course Search Engine Optimisation is purely about optimisation of web pages in search results in terms of position and relevant search text. However from my perspective SEO often encompasses additional routes that can bring traffic to your site. Certainly any effective online marketing strategy needs to consider all means by which relevant traffic can be directed to your site. Online directories for example often provide direct traffic, potentially an additional search engine result and hopefully an inbound link to your site for increasing page rank. Although the reason for using such a facility may be the page rank benefit, often the additional search result is underestimated in it’s effectiveness.


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