2. The Rules of Attraction!

The Natural SEO Expert

The Natural SEO Expert - Andrew Rayner

Hello once again. Just in case you haven’t read part one of the series yet, you’ll find it useful to read that first at What is your Website for? Well it seemed somewhat ironic that I found myself writing this topic on St Valentine’s day but strangely it has absolutely everything to do with love.

Attracting visitors to your website is like any courtship ceremony, since your web presence has to be:

  • Interesting within seconds
  • Responsive to the individual’s needs
  • Good looking (or at least not have an appauling wart!)
  • Guide the interested party as to what you want them to do

Let’s start with the first few seconds and whether it’s a glance across a crowded search page, a hint from one of your mates or even a ‘lonely heart’ ad-words column entry, you have to make sure that the brief message exchanged tells the voyeur exactly who you are looking for. Don’t be vague and certainly don’t be too precious about what you really want. If your ideal customer is an accountant with 15 years in the business, a fast car and likes skydiving then make it clear.

A responsive website is an absolute must, it’s no good to have your potential future relationship stalled by having your prospective partner sitting waiting whilst you get yourself prepared and preened to make that perfect impression. In fact, a good impression straight away is better than a perfect one when they’ve walked out the door!

You’d be surprised how low on the radar for most website visitors a perfect design concept is, however by the same token keep things consistent and smart, don’t overload your visitors with a technicolor dreamcoat (unless you are selling theatre tickets!) and a variety of fonts to rival the wordprocessor toolbar! Make the menu obvious and organised based on what your potential customers consider important e.g. not – lighting, fluids and foodstuffs, try – candles, champagne and chocolates!

Finally having put all your wares on show tell them how to push your buttons to get what they want, use graphics and banners to direct and make sure they know exactly what will happen when they do. Nasty surprises can often leave you in a sticky situation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little soiree and next time we’ll get to work on how to get in the right places to ensure that you get your first few seconds before the competition. The last thing you need is to find out your new prospect has already committed with your arch rival.

Book your next date with me here next week for part 3 as we delve into the SEO toolkit for the first time and find out where you stand in the ranks of the billions of pages all looking for their perfect companions!



7 thoughts on “2. The Rules of Attraction!

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    • Hi Jeremy,
      Most people use Alexa for it’s traffic rank, keywords and search analytics. Focusing on those aspects of the information Alexa provides, at first glance it appears to provide some very useful website stats.

      IMHO though Alexa should be used as a comparative measure for the ongoing development of your website but I wouldn’t consider it to be a 100% accurate measure of traffic. I tend to use it as an indicator of whether a site is on the up or moving backwards in the overall scheme of things. With billions of web pages out there once you are below the first million or so the figures are never going to give you more than a comparative result.

      What are your thoughts?


    • That’s a great question and deserves a well thought out answer.

      Firstly, SEO is about achieving results not stats. If I have a Google and Alexa rank of 0 but have cornered the market for my product or service then surely I’d be happy?

      The websites with the very highest ranking scores are generally not there as a result of fantastic SEO. It is still mainly existing brand positioning and consumer awareness through other means.

      The key to SEO is that the internet offers a level playing field to businesses and those that leverage it will be best positioned in the future.

      SEO enables companies to punch above their station in order to grow. Try this out: search for ‘retail conferences’ or ‘retail networking events’ on http://www.google.co.uk, In both cases the top result is an event put on by one of my clients, Retail Acumen. Is it the largest company offering retail event services in the UK? Definitely not but it’s one of the most well known. Do they get great results from our SEO experience, absolutely! They only use online marketing to promote this event. That is what SEO can achieve.

      You may be interested to know that my company, E-mphasis, have been writing SME internet advice published by Microsoft UK Small Business. Being an SEO expert is sometimes about recognising that you get quicker, more targetted results by being where the traffic is, rather than trying to get the traffic to find you!

      see http://www.microsoft.com/uk/smallbusiness/business-goals/find-customers/webPresence.aspx?xid=homepage-GoalsLink-webPresence

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