4. Get Your Website To The Top Of Google

It may seem like you need to be a magician to get your website to the top of google but in practice it can be quite straightforward but there are a number of factors that will determine how easy it will be to get YOUR website to the top of Google (or Bing, Yahoo etc.).

Firstly having identified what words or phrases you are going to target you need to ensure that you have set an achievable target. Go to the search engine you wish to target, type in the phrases you plan to target and look at the results, what do you see:

  • Competitors?
  • Big Brand and Media sites?
  • Blogs and social media
  • …or maybe irrelevant nonsense

Each of these types of result present there own challenges, competitors obviously mean that you’re likely to have a battle on your hands. How established are they, do they have several results or worse the top position with sub links (meaning they have probably been at the top a while). Big brand and the media often have well visited and referenced pages, these are likely to big difficult to shift from the top! Blogs and social media, like the big brands and media may already have the landscape covered, consider using that media as an alternative to get your website to the top. Irrelevant nonsense presents it’s own issues as if you are not listed highly then a search user may disregard the search as unlikely to deliver anyway.

Internet Visibility

All these things are considerations for choosing the ideal phrase to aim at to improve your internet visibilty however once you have chosen your target make sure that you monitor it periodically to keep on top of any changes to the Google search results. Ideally consider a strategy that will result in not just one but all 10 of the first page of results being a link to your online content. Also the links don’t have to be pages on your website with a bit of know-how they can also be blogs, social media, press and PR, news, images, video, map listings and scholarly articles. Yes, don’t just get your website to the top of Google, get your entire presence there and you’ll certainly notice a difference in the number of new visitors you generate.

I hope you are finding my blog useful and you should now understand that the internet is largely a level playing field and that once armed with the right knowledge you can achieve even more than just get your website to the top of Google!


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