#Google creates a new marketplace: Search backgrounds?

Many of you will have seen the new backgounds feature on Google this morning and it has sparked the obvious questions:

  1. Is this a catch up tactic against Bing‘s colourful platform?
  2. Are Google just trying to enhance the user experience?

Or have Google inadvertently created a whole new marketplace?

Much like social media backgrounds it is now possible to create a personalised environment for the user on the search page that provides brand consistency, key information or simply amusement.

Whatever it does achieve I certainly expect to see template layouts and tailored images appearing all over the web for users to use freely, even a form of viral marketing and also paid for to companies or individuals own requirements.

Let me know your thoughts.


One thought on “#Google creates a new marketplace: Search backgrounds?

  1. My first thought is “Why didn’t they ask me did I want a colourful background?”

    I LIKE the white.

    I also like the Google image changing.

    I wouldn’t mind being able to choose from my own images I suppose, just like I do for my desktop background.

    What benefit would this have for business?

    For businesses with strong brand images certainly another place to put it, but surely Google wouldn’t allow that would they? Another brand being more prominent than themselves?

    Maybe it would work, maybe not. I’m interested to see what will evolve.

    I don’t particularly like today’s image, very cluttered & noisy, not the type of images I enjoy looking at!

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