Where is your Google Places marker actually pointing?

Many businesses have a Google Places listing that identifies their location, services/products, opening times and other trading details.

Is your Google Places marker in the right place?

As a user of Google Places as well as a business owner that uses them extensively for our own marketing and that of our clients I regularly find myself spotting errors in listing details, none more annoying than the marker being in the wrong position.

It’s not that the business is impossible to find, but often just that you potentially waste your time parking in an unsuitable location or walking halfway up a road to find that the place you are looking for is actually in the other direction.

I you manage a listing then considering that you’ve gone to the trouble of putting correct information into the text details why not make sure your customer experience is as good as it can be by ensuring the marker is in an accurate location, ideally where the front door to your premises is!

You’d be surprised how many more people find you when they know where you are.



2 thoughts on “Where is your Google Places marker actually pointing?

  1. And for those of you saying “But I don’t have a retail business!”. It can even help clients and suppliers to find your offices more easily. A word of warning for the home based though, you may wish to look into a virtual office in your area to protect your home address in case of any unexpected visits from clients or suppliers.

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