SEO and PPC are a waste of time for 40% of Google searches

Here’s a surprising statistic from our latest research at e-mphasis.

With around 40% of Google searches returning a local business result (from Google places) now is the time to focus your attention on new techniques within your search marketing. This proportion continues to grow with the expansion in personalised and mobile search use.

The Best Place to Be On Google

Top Google Maps Listing

Given that the majority of users prefer to select a natural search result rather than a sponsored link and also that more often than not the local business results are at the top the page it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that the best place to be is in the local business results.

Most businesses still don’t have a strategy as how they are going to target this growing opportunity. Notably searches of this type also tend to be more relevant to companies since they are already targeting searches for the area in which you reside with having to be specific about whether the user has used the postcode, town name or even region.

Greater ROI from Local Internet Marketing

The logical message for marketers is, don’t waste your clients entire internet marketing budget on SEO and PPC when you could be getting greater Return On Investment (ROI) for them from local internet marketing.

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