Why Is My Google Places Listing Pending Review?

Top Google Maps Listing

There are a number of reasons why Google may mark your listing as pending review, it may indicate that that Google plans to suspend your listing and dealing with this could be important to ensure that your business remains or gets listed.

At e-mphasis we have shown that an optimised Google Places listing can deliver between 4 and 400 times the number of impressions of one with the standard ‘automated’ directory listings and can increase click throughs by between 2 and 20 times.

So here are a few of the most common reasons.

Google Places Reasons For Pending Review Status

  • Your listing uses restricted words e.g. drug names, ‘Google’ etc.
  • Inappropriate content has been included in the business name e.g. product keywords, brands etc.
  • Multiple listings with the same details exist at your zip/postcode
  • Invalid content has been entered in key fields e.g. URL in phone number, PO Box address
  • A listing has been set up where the business does not physically exist
  • Sufficient Google users have complained about the content or validity of the listing
  • The listing has been set up by someone other than the business owner or approved representative

For more details see Google Places and the Google Places Guidelines published by Google.


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