Suggest a Profile Update on LinkedIn

Clare Rayner: The Retail Champion

Clare Rayner

This is a guest blog by Clare Rayner, e-mphasis social media specialist and LinkedIn trainer. For more information on how to leverage this powerful networking tool to share expertise, meet other like-minded business people, and develop an online reputation for your business and for brand YOU, see our page on using LinkedIn for business.

In the last few days a new feature has popped up on linkedin – it means that if you are viewing someone’s profile you can suggest ideas to them to update and improve it! When would you do this and how does it work?

Getting Help on LinkedIn

If you know your connections well and feel that they’re not putting their best foot forward and letting the outside know what they’re made of this is an opportunity to let them know, to share your advice and experiences with them!

Equally, if you know someone who is a particularly proficient user of linkedin why not drop them a line and ask them to have a quick scan of your profile – with this new facility they can give you feedback really easily…

How Do I Suggest an Update

Firstly go to the profile of a user you are connected with who you feel you can offer a relevant and worthwhile suggestion to, perhaps they have a hobby or skill that isn’t represented in their professional information that would be valuable for a potential employer or client to be aware of.

Locate the ‘Suggest a Profile Update’ link which is positioned immediately below the profile summary and click on the link to bring up the ‘suggest an update’ dialog.

Suggest a profile update on LinkedIn

Suggest a profile update on LinkedIn

There are 2 key elements of the dialog to complete and both are straightforward.

  1. Section choice – The first thing to do when suggesting an update is to identify to the user which area of their profile you feel could benefit from an update, this is a choice of Experience, Education or Other.
  2. Message text – You are provided with default text which rather patronisingly states ‘keeping your profile up to date can help people find you on linkedin. Here’s a suggestion’. Obviously you’ll probably want to amend this text at least to include the details of the suggestion you are making.

Once complete your suggest will be emailed and sent on LinkedIn to the user in question who can then decide whether or not they wish to reply, take action or ignore your comments. Be careful not to offend or to suggest something that is already on their profile for obvious reasons!

New LinkedIn Features

We’ve noticed a few changes over the last week or so on linkedin and are waiting to see what is coming next. In summary new functionality includes:

  • Ability to link video content to slideshare and then present on your linkedin profile
  • This “suggest a profile update feature”
  • In the edit profile function the “are you published” feature and the option to add relevant content to leverage your achievements and impress your expertise upon your connections…

If you don’t feel you’ve yet become a proficient user of linkedin, but recognise the opportunity it could present to you, then perhaps take a look at the e-mphasis LinkedIn for business workshops.

Thanks again to Clare for this useful insight into the latest features on LinkedIn


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