Google Improves Places Navigation

Navigating local business results on Google has always been a little clunky. Users looking to access reviews, business information and local directions may have found that searching through a number of listings is not as efficient as it could be. Now Google have made some improvements to the User Interface (UI) to enable much more efficient access to Google Places content.

Quicker Searching Through Google Places

There are two subtle but effective changes to the navigation of local results, both aid comparison of locations and save the searcher time in assessing their local business results. They are also both accessed via the full business listing details.

  1. Next and previous Google Places

    The first of the changes provides the user with the ability to quickly step through the local results that matched their search without having to click back in between each result. The convenient Previous and Next options above the map image provide a much more accessible way to compare local results and step through each of the possible solutions to their query.

  2. Back to search Google Places

    The second change provides a pull-down list of local query results from which the searcher can jump directly to a particular entry. This compliments the first enhancement by providing a jump back to the entry that most interested the searcher having stepped through the list of local matches but also enables the user to jump directly to familiar brands.

Google Places User Interface

Both of these features should enhance the user interface for Google Places enabling searchers to more rapidly assess the results presented and make it easier to select the most appropriate provider of the product or service searched for.

Given the increase in volume of Google Places listings as a result of SEO’s response to Google’s focus on local, this is a useful addition to their local search tools.


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