How To: Setup A Follow Button For Twitter

Not one to be left behind in the battle of social media recommendation stakes, Twitter have just launched a new “One-step Follow” button which can be installed on your website or blog.

Why would you want a Twitter Follow Button and how can you set one up yourself?

Why Set Up A Twitter Follow Button?

All previous versions of any “Follow us” links drove visitors away from a company’s site by directing visitors to the social media site in order to engage with them there, thereby taking traffic away from your own website – surely not a great idea. This new button allows individuals to stay on your pages (logging in on the pop-up window if they are not already logged in to Twitter) and then enabling them to have a new channel of communication with your company through this connection without removing your sites visitors.

Twitter Follow: Other Considerations

As with anything you place on your site it must be valuable to your customers & compelling also. Always make sure you provide your potential new connections with interesting content, something they will want to read, something that they will want to refer back to time after time, and even information they might want to pass on to others.

Making the Most of The Twitter Follow Button

Give your customers a gentle nudge…. Remind them to connect with you whenever you communicate… add a link to your email signature.

Integration of social media into your everyday communication channels is becoming ever more essential, and Twitter have given us just another way of making this more straight-forward.

You can get the code needed to add your own website follow button by using Twitter’s own Twitter Follow Button Resource.

If you’re not following us already, try this example:


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