Long Term UK Domain Registrations From May 2012

UK domain registrationsHave you got a .uk (including .co.uk) domain registered or are you thinking of registering one.

For the first time from May 2012 Nominet will allow you to register .uk suffix domains for up to 10 years. What does this mean for existing domain registrants or those looking to register a domain in the near future.

Bringing .uk In Line With Other Domain Suffixes

This change brings .uk domain registrations in line with other ‘top level’ domains such as .com which registrants have been able to register for up to 10 years previously.

Cheaper .uk Domains

The first benefit will be a reduction in the effective annual cost for those registering for the new longer term periods. The transactional cost of processing a domain registration is the same regardless of the period of time, so like with other domains we should see a equivalent discount on the annual cost of domain registration when they are registered for more than 2 years. A the same time, registration for longer periods could avoid any unexpected price rises for renewal in future.

Protecting Your Brand With A UK Domain

Securing your brand becomes a little easier with not having to remember to renew your .uk domain so frequently. There have been a number of high profile domains that have accidentally been forgotten for renewal causing their registrants significant embarrassment and potential brand risk. Of course, the Nominet process for domain disputes will still apply regardless of the length of time for which domains have been registered.

For more information on getting a .co.uk domain for your website and/or email see http://www.agreatplacetobe.co.uk/ or contact e-mphasis Internet Marketing on 0844 4145159 for advice and online brand management services


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