About Andrew Rayner

I am proud to have been called an expert in the field of natural search engine optimisation… Certainly through the team at e-mphasis we have been able to deliver some impressive results for our clients. My personal area of interest is local internet marketing. It is on this specific topic that I am most regularly invited to write articles and to speak at conferences and events. Additionally it is for the e-mphasis service offering “Google Places Optimisation“, one of the local internet marketing methods we use, that saw us finalists, and runners up to Waitrose, in the Excellence in Marketing category of the National Business Awards 2010.

Tim Berners-Lee changed my life, and that of everyone on the planet, in 1991…

My expertise dates back to the formative days of the internet. At University in 1990 I worked with internet related technologies on the joint academic network. I’ve always loved new ideas and new technologies – so when the first web page was created in 1990 at CERN by physicist, Tim Berners-Lee, I was inspired! Some people call me a geek, and as I quote facts like “did you know the first website went on-line in 1991?” at social occasions – it’s hardly surprising ;0)!

Anyway, my career, and the life of everyone on the planet changed on 30 April 1993, when CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone.

By 2000, I found myself creating and managing websites for my own and other’s businesses. Back then a website was not considered business critical. It was a costly, static form of business media, but it was all about to change.

The importance of the internet in day to day life probably far exceeds the wildest dreams of Tim Berners-Lee! Search engines are incredibly sophisticated – and they need to be. By May 2009 it was estimated that there were over 109.5 million websites with at least 25.2 billion pages, all of which could be indexed by search engines…so with such complexity how on earth can anyone get on top of optimisation!

If you want to speak to me about your internet marketing strategy….

Well, I’ve been building my knowledge of the technologies that drive the internet and search engines since their birth, and whilst one individual can’t ever begin to know all the details, I’ve developed tools and techniques that enable the e-mphasis team to cut through much of the complexity, delivering exceptional results, time and time again.

If you’d like me to speak at your event, on radio or TV I’d be pleased to hear from you. Please contact the office on 0844 4145159


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