Rich Snippets, Poor Descriptions

rich-snippets-poor-descriptionsOrganisations using rich snippets on Google to enhance their search presence may be benefiting from the additional content it provides in search results including author or business profile images, review ratings or product pricing. However, there can be a negative impact of these rich content elements on your standard SEO practices that you may need to address.

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Why I don’t want to be top of search for internet marketing

I am regularly asked to provide advice and SEO services to clients who’s stated objective for their search marketing is to be top of the search engnes (usually Google) for a key search phrase, it’s usually a frequently searched phrase and often very competiitive.

I have to explain that this isn’t a very commercial strategy and could be a a risky approach to their internet marketing. So why is focussing on a single phrase not wise from a business perspective? Continue reading

How to: Track Google Places using Google Analytics

So now you’ve claimed your Google Places listing(s) for your business, how are you going to measure how effective your Google Places listing really is? Google does provide analytics for Google Places listings but the data is very simplistic, often unreliable, out of date or incomplete and more importantly doesn’t tell you how effective this traffic is for sales, however there is a solution.
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Could Google’s Social Strategy Be Isolating Them?

In today’s news (September 7th 2011) we hear that Bing has signed a deal with Twitter to confinue to use tweets within it’s search output. As reported in an article by Search Engine Land no such arrangement has been reported by Google, what does this mean for the search giant going forward?
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Google Improves Places Navigation

Navigating local business results on Google has always been a little clunky. Users looking to access reviews, business information and local directions may have found that searching through a number of listings is not as efficient as it could be. Now Google have made some improvements to the User Interface (UI) to enable much more efficient access to Google Places content.
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