How to: Track Google Places using Google Analytics

So now you’ve claimed your Google Places listing(s) for your business, how are you going to measure how effective your Google Places listing really is? Google does provide analytics for Google Places listings but the data is very simplistic, often unreliable, out of date or incomplete and more importantly doesn’t tell you how effective this traffic is for sales, however there is a solution.
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Google Improves Places Navigation

Navigating local business results on Google has always been a little clunky. Users looking to access reviews, business information and local directions may have found that searching through a number of listings is not as efficient as it could be. Now Google have made some improvements to the User Interface (UI) to enable much more efficient access to Google Places content.
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Occasion Based Search Marketing

Occasion based marketing is nothing new, businesses have been using traditional marketing to promote themselves on special occasions for years but how can a marketer or business owner translate this to the web and in particular to search?

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