Rich Snippets, Poor Descriptions

rich-snippets-poor-descriptionsOrganisations using rich snippets on Google to enhance their search presence may be benefiting from the additional content it provides in search results including author or business profile images, review ratings or product pricing. However, there can be a negative impact of these rich content elements on your standard SEO practices that you may need to address.

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How To SEO: Local Search Terms

Keyword choiceAt e-mphasis we regularly get contacted by companies that say ‘We’ve done some local SEO and now we’re top of Google for our ideal search phrase, why aren’t we getting any enquiries?’.

This seems to be a common SEO problem and one that hopefully I can shed some light on as to what is going wrong.

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Landing Page SEO Holds The Key For Google Places Search Results

When building a successful Google Places listing it is important to ensure that your landing page on your website doesn’t ruin all the hard work you put into getting your listing right. At e-mphasis we’ve been researching the new results format for local Google Places in the search engine results pages (SERP) and here’s what we’ve found out. Continue reading

How To Choose A Domain Name?

Are you planning a new website or maybe trying to improve your existing one and want to know how to choose a domain name that will be most beneficial for all aspects of internet marketing?

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