How to: Track Google Places using Google Analytics

So now you’ve claimed your Google Places listing(s) for your business, how are you going to measure how effective your Google Places listing really is? Google does provide analytics for Google Places listings but the data is very simplistic, often unreliable, out of date or incomplete and more importantly doesn’t tell you how effective this traffic is for sales, however there is a solution.
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Google Places Reporting Is Back!

Since Mid February the reporting behind Google’s local business listings, Google Places, has not been updated. Business owners who rely on the data to understand local search insights and the effectiveness of content optimisation on their listings have been left without any means to track these increasingly important local search tools. Fortunately today the reporting has returned. Will it happen again? Continue reading

Landing Page SEO Holds The Key For Google Places Search Results

When building a successful Google Places listing it is important to ensure that your landing page on your website doesn’t ruin all the hard work you put into getting your listing right. At e-mphasis we’ve been researching the new results format for local Google Places in the search engine results pages (SERP) and here’s what we’ve found out. Continue reading