Rich Snippets, Poor Descriptions

rich-snippets-poor-descriptionsOrganisations using rich snippets on Google to enhance their search presence may be benefiting from the additional content it provides in search results including author or business profile images, review ratings or product pricing. However, there can be a negative impact of these rich content elements on your standard SEO practices that you may need to address.

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Why I don’t want to be top of search for internet marketing

I am regularly asked to provide advice and SEO services to clients who’s stated objective for their search marketing is to be top of the search engnes (usually Google) for a key search phrase, it’s usually a frequently searched phrase and often very competiitive.

I have to explain that this isn’t a very commercial strategy and could be a a risky approach to their internet marketing. So why is focussing on a single phrase not wise from a business perspective? Continue reading

Google Admits Local Favours In-town Businesses

In a YouTube video posted on the 14th January 2011, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team admits that as a result of recent changes to the presentation of local results, businesses with a more central location will be more likely to generate top results through there locational relevance. What does this mean for your out-of-town business?
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SEO and PPC are a waste of time for 40% of Google searches

Here’s a surprising statistic from our latest research at e-mphasis.

With around 40% of Google searches returning a local business result (from Google places) now is the time to focus your attention on new techniques within your search marketing. This proportion continues to grow with the expansion in personalised and mobile search use. Continue reading

Search Engine Exploitation – More than SEO and PPC


SEO and PPC won

Do you want better results from your search engine marketing strategy? Then maybe you need to change your approach?


The first page of results on all search engines is made up of a number of different types of content including naturally SEO’d web pages to pay-per click advertising. However, does you internet marketing advisor explain that there are at least 4 other types of content that could get you on the first page and in many ways, depending on your business, they could much more effectively exploit the search engines algorithms and make you more visible on the first page. Continue reading